Post-op Bariatric Makeover Surgery

Post-op Bariatric Makeover Surgery

Post-op Bariatric Makeover Surgery

Average length of stay 1 week
Length of stay in hospital 2 nights
Anesthesia General Anesthesia

What is Post Bariatric Makeover Surgery?

Patients who are defined as obese due to a weight problem can lose weight using various methods. Since some weight loss methods aim to lose excess weight shortly, some problems can arise in the body with the weight loss process when completed. After bariatric surgery, the body may experience excessive weight loss and cause permanent sagging in the thigh, butt, face, neck, breast, abdomen, and arms. The post-bariatric makeover surgery method, also known as body lift surgery, is used to eliminate these deformities that occur after losing too much weight. Post-bariatric makeover surgery is a combination of different surgeries that include interventions for such sagging and loosening and aims to reshape and recover the patient's body aesthetically after weight loss.

The Post-bariatric makeover surgeries are:

•    Facelift 
•    Tummy tuck
•    Breast lifting
•    Thigh lifting
•    Arm lift

Step by Step Guide Post Bariatric Makeover Surgery and Recovery

Post-bariatric surgery does not directly refer to a single operation. Before surgery, you decide with your doctor to first address the area where you have complaints. Operations can also be performed in combination when desired.  In this way, patients can overcome two or three different operations in a single healing process. The healing process may vary depending on operations and patients. Patients begin to feel better after approximately two or three weeks. 

The first five days after the operation constitutes the examination process. In this process, drains placed in various parts of the body are removed, and dressings are renewed. Permanent results of post-bariatric applications are visible approximately three months after the operation. If patients want to continue their healthy life, they should follow the recommendations of their doctor. 

After post-bariatric makeover surgery or body lift surgery, you should not exercise intensively, do not use blood thinners, such as aspirin, don't smoke, and get plenty of rest.

The Benefits of Post Bariatric Makeover Surgery

Post-bariatric makeover surgery provides many medical and cosmetic benefits to patients. While each of these procedures can produce quality results on its own, your results can be even more dramatic when two or more are combined. The benefits of a full-body lift can include:

•    Removal of excess, sagging skin and health problems such as redness or skin infections for a slimmer figure
•    The firm, toned and smooth skin that highlights your weight loss success
•    Eliminating skin folds makes personal care easier
•    Exercise and other physical activities can be easier and more comfortable
•    Wider clothing options
•    Refreshed and younger appearance
•    Improved confidence

Who Can Get a Post Bariatric Makeover Surgery?

We strongly recommend that you consult a cosmetic surgeon before deciding on a Post-bariatric makeover surgery. For post-bariatric surgery to be performed, the patient must have lost a lot of weight initially with diet, sports, and obesity surgery. In addition, the appearance of sagging in many parts of the body, especially the face, arms, breasts, and legs, and this situation should be disturbing. Also, the patient's weight should be fixed after bariatric surgery. Approximately 1 year should have passed after the bariatric operation since it is a necessary waiting process for these patients for their health.

Does Post Bariatric Makeover Surgery Have Any Side-effects?

The people who will have this operation need to know that this surgery is not a simple operation, and like any operation, it has some risks. For this reason, combined surgeries such as Post-bariatric makeover surgery are not recommended for everyone. Patient selection is very important when planning these surgeries. Body lift surgery is a large-scale procedure so, you can expect some temporary side effects, especially right after your surgery. Make sure your doctor informs you in detail about the side effects. These side effects can include:

•    Nausea
•    General discomfort
•    Inflammation

How Much Does Post Bariatric Makeover Cost in Turkey?

With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the top countries for medical tourism. Therefore, Turkey is a convenient destination for weight loss surgery if you think that you are considering having surgery and Post-bariatric makeover surgery abroad.

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