Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

What is Smile Design?

Hollywood smile, also called as a smile design, is a combination of all or some procedures such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, lumineers, gum aesthetics and orthodontics. There are lots of advantages of having a complete smile design such as increasing your self-confidence, regulating your teeth array and improving your oral health.

What Happens During the Procedure?

This treatment is unique for each patient. The treatment includes minimum 3 visits. When the patient comes to the consultation, a photograph of the teeth of the patient has been taken first before the procedure as well as the digital x-ray. The result has been shown to the patient by the dentists and the treatment process is discussed.

The procedure starts with the mockup and then the absolute result has been decided with the patient. Your dentist makes your teeth whitening at first. The smile shape has been designed by lumineers, E-max, empress porcelain, zirconia crown and full porcelain crown, if necessary, the gum aesthetics is done by using laser.

Smile design is also the combination of lips and face proportion. If the patient has a gummy smile or gummy smile has not been solved by gum aesthetics, your dentist may use treatments such as botox or dermal fillings.

How Long Smile Design Last?

The design of the smile takes for up to 1-2 hours. Then, the dentist will prepare the design by using CAD/CAM and DSD. In the other visit, mockup lasts for up to 2-3 hours. You will decide the final design of your smile. Finally, the last procedure takes for up to 1 hour.

What Are My Options?

Sexy Smile
To have a more attractive smile, central teeth should be longer than the adjacent incisor teeth. In sexy smile design, central teeth or first incisors are made longer than the adjacent incisors. The design provides you a younger, dynamic and attractive appearance.

Sophisticated Smile
Teeth has been aligned to a straight horizontal line. The sophisticated smile design displays teeth of the same size. Sophisticated smile design focuses on lower face and indicated intelligence and sophistication.

Sporty Smile
The central teeth appear a bit longer than the adjacent teeth. The only difference is that length of central teeth are much shorter than the ones in sexy smile. It is not as formal as the sophisticated smile.




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