All You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Thanks to the developing technology in medical field, structure and deformities in the nose can now be removed with many different and reliable methods. Nose job surgeries sometimes arise due to aesthetic concerns and sometimes as a need for health. 

The reasons for rhinoplasty surgery are to repair deformities in an injury, to change the physical appearance of the nose to correct a birth defect, or to improve breathing difficulties by improving some breathing difficulties.

In some situations, breathing difficulties and physical appearance may be among the reasons behind choosing the rhinoplasty option. However, various health problems are considered as situations where rhinoplasty should not be performed. These situations are;

•    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
•    Body Dysmorphic Disorder
•    Bleeding Disorders

Step by Step Guide to Rhinoplasty Surgery and Recovery

It is possible to talk about different types of rhinoplasty surgeries according to the needs of the patient. Rhinoplasty surgeries are divided into three as; nose reduction, nose augmentation, and operations, where both reduction and augmentation techniques are used together.

•    Nose reduction

With the nose reduction technique, a regional reduction can be made on the tip of the nose or the rear.

•    Nose augmentation

The nose may be too small compared to other structures on the face, or the tip of the nose may be higher than normal compared to other people. The nose augmentation method can be used to make the person's nose look more proportional and prominent.

The surgical techniques of rhinoplasty

Nowadays, different and effective surgical techniques are used for rhinoplasty with the effect of advancing medical and technological innovations. These are;

•    Open rhinoplasty

Operations performed by making a small incision in the part between the two nostrils are defined as open rhinoplasty surgery.
•    Closed rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is performed by cutting the inner part of the nose. With the closed rhinoplasty technique, all work is carried out inside the nose. Therefore, no cuts or stitch marks are found on the outside of the nose.

The duration of rhinoplasty surgery varies according to the type of aesthetic and the surgical method. Therefore, the operation time can change according to the surgical types.

Recovery time in operations performed with open rhinoplasty generally varies between 7 and 10 days. After the operation, edema, swelling and bruising can be observed for about 2 days. While most of the complaints disappear 1 week after the surgery, it may take 3 months for the patient to completely recover from swelling and edema. In general, the patients need at least 1 year to see the outcome.

In operations performed with the closed rhinoplasty, the recovery time varies between 7 and 10 days. The silicone splints attached to the inside of the nose and the protective tape, which is placed after the surgery, attached to the outer part are removed within 3-4 days. The mild swelling and bruises may occur after the surgery but will disappear in a short time.

The Benefits of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Undoubtedly, rhinoplasty surgery offers cosmetic results. In fact, a rhinoplasty can also provide medical benefits, especially when it becomes the necessary corrective surgical procedure for patients with certain conditions. These benefits are;

•    Confidence
•    Improve breathing
•    Correct birth defects
•    Correct problems, such as snoring

Who Can Get a Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Based on many different complaints, people can decide to have a rhinoplasty or evaluate the option with the guidance of a physician. Rhinoplasty can be performed on patients with aesthetic concerns, functional disorders, and functional problems. Rhinoplasty operations are recommended and performed depending on the needs of the person based on three main reasons. You can undergo this procedure if you have following troubles;

•    Appearance 
•    Trouble breathing
•    Impact or injury

Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Have Any Side-effects?

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is highly personal and you must decide whether the benefits will reach your goals and whether the risks and potential complications of rhinoplasty surgery are acceptable. The people who will have this operation need to know that this surgery is not a simple operation, and like any operation, it has some risks. Complete recovery may take a few weeks after the surgery. Overall, make sure your doctor inform you in detail about the side effects.

The most known side effects can be;
•    nosebleeding
•    infection
•    reaction to anesthesia
•    scarring
•    pain

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Turkey?

With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the top countries for medical tourism. Therefore, Turkey is a convenient destination for weight loss surgery if you think that you are considering having surgery and rhinoplasty surgery abroad.

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