Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Average length of stay 1 week
Length of stay in hospital 4-5 nights
Operation duration 2-4 hours
Anesthesia General

A Detailed Introduction to Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Mini gastric bypass surgery is an effective and well-established procedure that combines some features of a gastric sleeve surgery and a standard gastric bypass surgery. with mini gastric bypass surgery, the upper part of the stomach is divided into a tube and then joined into an intestine loop.

Mini gastric bypass surgery can also be used in patients who have undergone gastric banding or gastric sleeve surgery but have failed to lose weight or have complications related to the band, or decided to undergo revision surgery.

The Benefits of Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery

•    Short operation time
•    Fast recovery 
•    The mini-gastric bypass is particularly useful for patients with a higher body mass index.
•    Most patients have an almost immediate reduction in their need for diabetic medication, hypertansion.
•    It does not require any on-going adjustments required with other procedures, such as the gastric band.
•    A decrease in the chance for dumping syndrome 

Who Can Get a Mini-Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are considering getting mini-gastric bypass surgery and meet these criteria, you can undergo this procedure:

•    If you have a high BMI of 35 or more
•    If you have diabetics
•    If you have severe reflux
•    If you had prior gastric banding

Does Mini-Gastric Bypass Have Any Side-effects? 

As with any surgical procedure, the mini-gastric bypass operation has potential side effects, which is important to understand before proceeding. You need to consult with your doctor and make sure your doctor informed you of every side effects. Most of these side effects are rare, and 90–95% of patients have no problems. 

•    Incisional Hernia
•    Infection
•    Nausea
•    Lifelong usage of food supplements and vitamins 
•    Dehydration
•    Bleeding

Step by Step Guide to Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass surgery aims primarily to reduce the stomach volume and reduce the condition of obesity by reducing some of the food absorptions in the small intestine. The type of surgery is closed surgery, and it takes approximately 60 minutes to perform. 

–    About five incisions shorter than 1 cm are made on the abdomen without making large incisions. It is entered into the snow with special tools through the holes. 
–    At the stomach entrance, a small tube is created that will now serve as the stomach. Most of the stomach continues to remain in the abdomen. 
–    The connection of the small part created by the operation with the small intestine is completed. 
–    Then the stomach and intestine are bonded to each other using stapler connections or stitches made on that part. The connection made with stitches is more advantageous for the patient than with a stapler.

How Can Mini-Gastric Bypass Help You?

•    Mini-gastric bypass reduces the feeling of hunger
•    Mini-gastric bypass enables fullness when eating a meal resulting in a healthy portion size
•    Mini-gastric bypass decreases the number of calories you take
•    Mini-gastric bypass reroutes of the food stream produces changes in gut hormones that reverse one of the primary mechanisms by which obesity-induced type 2 diabetes occurs
•    Mini-gastric bypass redirects food flow, producing changes in gut hormones that reverse one of the primary mechanisms by which obesity-related type 2 diabetes occurs.

The Recovery Process

Approximately 4-6 hours after the operation, the patient can stand up and walk slowly with a nurse's presence. Generally, the patient can leave the hospital on the 3rd day. The discharged patient should pay attention to feeding for the first month. Food transitions can be made gradually, adhering to the diet program specially prepared for the patient. The patient must take the medicines in this process to complete the process more easily.

How Much Does Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in Turkey?

With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the top countries for medical tourism. Therefore, Turkey is a convenient destination for weight loss surgery if you think that you are considering having surgery and gastric sleeve surgery abroad.

You can leave your phone number to us on our website, and the Medco HealthCo team will get in touch with you to draw up a free treatment plan and cost estimate.



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