Pre-Operative Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions

Four weeks before surgery

-    Perform massaging exercise gently to your scalp to increase the blood circulation to help transplanted grafts grow better after the surgery,

-    Please inform the doctor regarding drug allergy!

Two weeks before surgery

-    You should not use Rogaine or Minoxidil 

One week before surgery

-    No Plavix, Aspirin, Coumadin, Heparin (blood thinners), or anti-inflammatory medications that contain Aspirin,
-    No Vitamin E, Fish oil,
-    No Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng or other herbal supplements should be used,
-    Continue your regular medicines unless the doctor told you to stop taking them,
-    If you have high blood pressure or other chronic diseases and taking medication, please inform your doctor not to use Beta-blocker for one week before surgery and switch to another drug,
-    Please notify the doctor in case of fever or sickness or further surgery you will have before surgery,
-    If you color your hair regularly, please do so at least 7 days before surgery because you should not color your hair after the surgery for at least one month.

One day before surgery

-    No Alcohol usage and stop smoking,
-    Make arrangements for someone to take you to and from the clinic because you have to take oral sedation in addition to local anesthetics,
-    Confirm your appointment,
-    Consultation or pick up shampoo, lotion, and pre/post-op antibiotics at the clinic,
-    Clear the payment,
-    Shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo at least 5 minutes x 2 the night before the surgery.

On the day of surgery

-    Wash your hair in the morning using your regular shampoo for at least 5 minutes,
-    Wear a button-down shirt and comfortable pants because you will lay down for around 6-8 hours,
-    Do not wear anything that will have to be pulled tightly over your head for this may remove the hair that has just been transplanted and continue wearing buttoned t-shirts for a few days after surgery too,
-    No tight hats or caps allowed-this may remove the transplanted hair,
-    You may have light breakfast, but do try not to drink tea and coffee,
-    Take antibiotic capsules after a meal as the doctor prescribed one hour before coming to the clinic. If it is not prescribed, you may take it at the clinic,
-    Please attend the clinic on time,
-    Do not bring valuable things with you to the clinic,
-    You must have the blood test just before surgery for checking anti-HIV, HBS, HCV (general serology tests).

Hair Wash Instructions

•    Put some lotion on top of your transplanted area and apply it very gently and wait for 20 minutes. You do not need to spread it over the donor area,

•    Fill your cup with warm water and add a few drops of shampoo. Use a mild shampoo, such as the type used on infants. Use your fingertips to mix the shampoo with the water. Do these the first or second day after your hair transplant, unless your doctor instructs otherwise,

•    Pour the soapy water over your hair. Rub the soapy water into the newly transplanted hair using very gentle pressure. Work slowly as to not cause yourself pain or damage by pulling out any of the transplanted hair,

•    Fill the second cup with warm water once more. Pour the water of your hair, repeating until the soap is gone. Allow the hair to air dry,

•    Do never use hair driers until one month after surgery,

•    Repeat the process on the third and fourth day following the hair transplant procedure. During this time, you can use more pressure with circular movements. Pay special attention to any bloody scabs. Never pick away the scabs,

•    Wash your hair in the shower, starting on the fourth day. Apply shampoo directly to your hands and create lather. Apply the soap to the newly transplanted hair by touching the palm of your hand to the grafts. Gently touch the hair with your fingertips, but do not massage. Rinse your hair under the showerhead,

•    Repeat the process on the fifth day, though now, you can use a gentle back-and-forth motion while cleaning. Do not pick away any scabs,

•    Continue washing your hair as you usually would a week after the hair transplant surgery. Shower twice a day, spending ten minutes massaging the newly transplanted hair in a circular motion. The circular motion will help to remove any scabs or dried blood. You can use the lotion and shampoo until it finishes.



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