Plastic Surgery Guideline

Plastic Surgery Guideline

Plastic Surgery Guideline

Getting Prepared for Plastic Surgery

It is essential for patients coming for surgery to follow the pre-operative instructions. Some details may vary depending on your health condition, but general guidelines are listed below:

Pre-Operation Instructions for Plastic Surgery

One week before the surgery

•    You should stop taking blood thinners,
•    Please consult your doctor or a general practitioner if you are taking any medication, whether it is appropriate to continue your medication,
•    You should quit smoking one week before and one month after the operation,
•    You should not consume alcohol one week before and one week after the operation.

2-3 days before the Surgery

•    It is not necessary to take multivitamins. We recommend that you eat a healthy diet instead of taking supplements such as multivitamin pills, effervescent mineral, and vitamin tablets,
•    To minimize edema, you should eat salt-free meals 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after your surgery.

One day before the Surgery

•    Complete the necessary procedure for hospitalization,
•    Follow the instructions regarding blood tests and other tests provided by the nurse,
•    Strictly follow the anesthesia instructions provided by the nurse and avoid eating and drinking 12 hours before the surgery,
•    Remove fake nails, nail polish, false eyelashes, fake hair, jewelry, and piercings,
•    Cut your nails - to prevent infection,
•    If you want to keep your piercings, please replace them with plastic holders before Surgery,
•    If the day of your surgery you are on menstrual cycle, you can still have surgery.

On the morning of the Surgery

•    Follow the pre-operation instructions provided by the Pre-Surgical Nurse,
•    If necessary, you will get blood tests and pre-operation tests done. Your surgeon's pre-operation consultation will be done just before surgery. The surgeon will mark you accordingly, and the consultation will end after both parties agree on the procedure to be performed and everything is clear,
•    Please make sure to discuss all points in detail with your surgeon during the consultation to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur later,
•    Make sure you read the consent form before signing and ask any questions you have on mind.


•    Most surgeries require just one overnight stay in the hospital. However, more extensive operations may require two or more hospital stays,
•    A postoperative visit will be planned with our surgeon and one of our specialist nurses before returning home. During this visit, all postoperative details will be discussed and planned. All postoperative recovery tapes and dressings will also be provided to you,
•    You are requested not to swim for one month after your surgery,
•    The water temperature for the shower should not be too high as it may cause infections. We recommended that the water should be warm,
•    For best results, you should use your surgical garments as long as recommended,
•    No heavy sports, heavy lifting, or running at least for two weeks after surgery. On the other hand, we also recommend that you do not remain completely still and still after your surgery,
•    We recommend regular short walks to help blood circulation and keep your metabolic rate high.

What Should you Bring with you to the Hospital?

•    If you are using a specific machine for sleep apnea, please use it immediately after surgery.
•    If you take medication regularly, bring your medicines with you,
•    Make sure you bring all your medical information,
•    Comb or brush,
•    Toothbrush and toothpaste,
•    Loose clothes,
•    Deodorant,
•    Books/magazines,
•    Deodorant,
•    Do not bring jewelry or similar personal belongings,
•    Do not apply permanent nail polish that cannot be erased or erased,
•    Please remove all body piercings before coming for surgery. The surgical techniques that are used in the surgery rely heavily on the use of electricity. The metal in your piercing can pose a danger to the surgical team and cause burns at the location of your piercing.




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