Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

Weight loss surgery, also known as Bariatric Surgery, should not be taken lightly as it is a serious decision. It is a procedure with life-long changes and risks. A specialist should inform anyone thinking about having Bariatric Surgery thoroughly. We strongly recommend that you consult a cosmetic surgeon before deciding on a weight loss surgery. If you meet these criteria, you can undergo this procedure:

•    If the patient is an obese adult with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 and a weight-related condition, especially type 2 diabetes,
•    If the patient  has a low probability of losing weight using other methods,
•    If the patient is informed thoroughly about surgery and treatment effects,
•    If the patient is aware of the risks and benefits of surgery,
•    If the patient is ready to lose weight and improve health, 
•    If the patient is committed to lifelong healthy eating and physical activity life, and  medical follow-up, also the need to take extra vitamins and minerals,

There is no definitive method, including surgery, to achieve and maintain weight loss. Some patients undergoing bariatric surgery may experience weight loss that fails to achieve their goals. Studies also show that many patients regain some of their weight over time. The amount of weight gained may vary depending on the degree of obesity and the type of surgery. Habits such as snacking on high-calorie foods or not exercising can affect weight loss and regain weight. It is worth remembering that patients should be committed to changing their habits and seeking medical follow-up for the rest of their lives. 



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