Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

All You Need to Know About Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical method applied to lift saggy breasts. In addition to breast lift surgery, the dark ring, which is called an areola, around the nipple can also be narrowed. During breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped to lift the breasts.

Step by Step Guide to Breast Lift Surgery and Recovery

The breast lift surgery takes approximately 2 hours and is done under general anesthesia. Before the operation, your surgeon will evaluate the normal condition of the breasts, which will be a guide in deciding on the technique. Your surgeon will evaluate the degree of sagging, the size of the breast, and the patient's sensitivity to the surgical scar. The operation generally takes place with an 8-shaped incision made around the nipple. 

In a breast lift surgery, you and your surgeon will decide the most appropriate technique (Superior, Superolateral, or Inferior Pedicle) to achieve the best result. The nipple and sagging breast tissue are reshaped, the nipple is restored to normal, excess skin is removed. Depending on the size of the sagging in the breast, a vague scar (like a 4-5cm straight incision scar descending from the nipple) remains.

If you want your breasts to look fuller, breast lift and augmentation can be performed, or if you want smaller breasts, sagging is removed by applying breast lift and reduction surgery; both can be done at the same time with breast lift surgery. In the beginning, the scars are evident, however, they become vague over time.

Your nurse will open the dressing 2 days later and will check the wound. The bandage will be open a week after the surgery. The patient is advised to put on a sports bra for 6 weeks. There may be swelling in the early period, numbness in the nipple, and penile discoloration on the skin. These disappear immediately in a short time. You can return to your normal life within 3 to 4 days. Your surgeon will recommend you to stay away from heavy sports for at least 3 months. A breast lift surgery is generally an operation that gives lasting results and improves the mental health of the person. You can see the final result 6 months after the surgery.

The Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

Some women may want to have firmer and uplifted breasts, and breast lift surgery is the best way to achieve this. Some of the benefits you may experience with breast lift surgery are:

•    Firmer breasts
•    Reduce in under breast irritation
•    Youthful breasts
•    Attractive breast shape
•    Increase in confidence

Who Can Get a Breast Lift Surgery?

We strongly recommend that you consult a cosmetic surgeon before deciding on a breast lift surgery. If you are increasingly unhappy with your breasts sagging, breast lift surgery is a solution to your problem. You can undergo this procedure;

•    If you have drooping but adequately sized breasts
•    If you have non-firm breasts
•    If you have downward-facing nipples and areolas
•    If you have breasts that look different from each other
•    If you have uneven breasts
•    If you have relatively small breasts
•    If you don’t plan to have children

Does Breast lift Surgery Have Any Side-effects?

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is highly personal, and you must decide whether the benefits will reach your goals. You should also weigh the risks and potential complications of breast lift surgery that are acceptable. Overall, make sure your doctor informs you in detail about the side effects.

The most known side effects can be;
•    pain
•    scarring
•    infection
•    bleeding

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey?

With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the top countries for medical tourism. Therefore, Turkey is a convenient destination for plastic surgery if you think that you are considering having surgery and breast lift surgery abroad.

You can leave your phone number to us on our website, and the Medco Healthco team will contact you to draw up a free treatment plan and cost estimate.



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