FUE Technique Hair Transplant for Women

FUE Technique Hair Transplant for Women

FUE Technique Hair Transplant for Women

Everything to Know About FUE Technique Hair Transplant for Women

Unfortunately, one out of every three women experiences hair loss. There are many factors for hair loss, especially in women. Several factors can interfere with the hair's natural growth cycle, such as medication, disease, or infection, which have the potential to prevent the hair from completing its natural growth cycle.

The excellent news is reversible, hair loss in women - female hair transplantation in Turkey can help you achieve a safe and permanent way to healthy and vibrant hair.

Women experience baldness differently than men. However, baldness in women can often be treated with the same techniques and with excellent results. Nutrition and hormonal imbalances cause more thinning of hair among women. Blood tests will usually be required to evaluate these possibilities.

Baldness in women can occur in various ways. These patterns are;

1.    Gradual pattern thinning throughout the top of the head behind the hairline. (Ludwig’s Pattern I, II, III).
2.    Gradual thinning in one of the male patterns, rarely beyond IV.
3.    Christmas Tree pattern
4.    Diffuse alopecia (DA), in which the hair is thinning across the entire scalp.

Women who have DA are unfortunately not suitable for hair transplantation. There is not enough donor hair to perform the significant restoration. Luckily, most women with hair loss fall into the first and second category and are in treatable groups.

Women who experience hair loss in the Ludwig model usually have a good hairline. The hair behind the hairline gradually becomes miniaturized and sparse. Hair loss usually occurs at times of hormonal change, such as birth or menopause. Women's hair in Ludwig's II. It is rare for it to become thinner beyond its class, and it is scarce for complete baldness. The Christmas Tree Pattern can include the thin line. Generally, hair loss accelerates in the early twenties and progresses over time. The hair on the back of the head retains its original density, and the follicular unit can form a hair transplant. Hair transplantation is placed in thinned hair areas.

The transplant surgery done in the female is similar to that of the male, and basically, there is no difference. The method used in the women transplant is the FUE method. This method involves extracting many follicular units from the donor area and transplanting them into the recipient area.

The follicular units or, in other words, grafts contain one to three hairs in a single unit. Different sizes of follicular units are used in the Hair Transplant for women. Single-haired hair grafts are usually placed forward along the hairline in an unusual way, and two, three, and four-strand graft units are placed behind a follicular hair unit to create a denser hair appearance. The Hair Transplant using the above procedure makes the transplanted hair look undetectable. Since this method is advanced, it always requires adequate training.

Post-operative procedures are not complicated at all. Some doctors do not allow the female patient to use a bandage. However, we usually recommend dressings for the first 24 hours. Medication is given to reduce the risk of swelling during the early three days after surgery. Pain-relieving pills are also used to minimize discomfort as needed. Patients who will have hair transplantation are recommended to come to the hospital with shampoo and comb.

The Benefits of Hair Transplantation for Women

Undoubtedly, hair transplantation for Women offers cosmetic results and is a solution to your problems. These benefits of hair transplantation are;

•    Results look natural and beautiful
•    Various treatments can be used to increase the strength and volume of the hair.
•    It increases a woman's self-confidence by restoring her beauty.
How Much Does FUE Technique Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

When it comes to traveling abroad for hair transplant surgery, the cost is the most decisive factor. Turkey is an affordable hair transplant destination, particularly for UK patients, due to a number of favorable factors. With its strong healthcare system, Turkey is one of the top countries for medical tourism. Therefore, Turkey is a convenient destination for hair transplant if you think that you are considering having plastic surgery or a hair transplant abroad.

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